Sunday, April 3, 2011

#44: Two Roads

Too many roads... too many signs... too many decisions....
take the high road or the low road...
which ever way we will arrive together...
now that is the strength of our friendship!


  1. Wow..A unique take on this difficult theme.

  2. What a beautiful bright picture and such a great take on this challenge...awesome job!!


  3. Oh wow, this one makes my head spin. A+ for originality!

  4. Yes there are a lot of road signs leading us one way or another. We always have a choice which road to take. Love your concept and design!

  5. Super creative interpretation! As we all know, the road can take us in so many different directions.

  6. This is the story of my life, Glenys. I seem to live on the road, travelling between my place and my daughters' houses, helping out where I can. I often think I could probably drive blindfolded because the routes are so familiar to me. I love this great and original take on the two roads theme.